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Brazil Expand – your preferred business partner in Europe

Brazil Expand was born from the passion of bringing Brazilian products of excellent quality to the European market. Our activities are based on strong corporate values such as respect for clients and all stakeholders, integrity, honesty and transparency. We are motivated by the success of our clients.

Our focus

Brazil Expand will focus on sectors where Brazil has strong tradition and products of world class quality such as Food & Agri, furniture and footwear.


Brazil Expand was founded by three partners who are passionate about bringing the excellence of Brazilian products to international markets. 


With our experience and networks in the European market, our team is uniquely positioned to help you expand your operations and sales in Europe.

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Our vision

Brazil Expand believes that Brazilian companies can increase their market share in the European market, given the good quality of their products and services.  

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Our mission

Brazil Expand wants to contribute to the success of Brazilian companies which are eager to expand exports to the European market. We shall support them with value-add services in a cost-effective way.

Brazil Expand’s network includes

Partners & Memberships

Brazil Expand’s partner network includes law firms, logistics companies, warehousing firms, distributors, accounting firms, tax advisors and real estate agents. With our experience and networks in the European market, we are uniquely positioned to help you expand your operations and sales in Europe.

Brazil Expand is a member of the Union of Dutch Trade Agents and Importers (Verbond van Nederlandse Handelsagenten en Importeurs – VNHI).

Brazil Expand is a member of Bradutch, Brazilian Chamber of Commerce in The Netherlands.
Brazil Expand is registered as business supplier of Bol.com, the biggest online retailer in the Netherlands and Belgium.

We are based in Amsterdam

The Netherlands as the gateway to Europe

The Netherlands has a robust, internationally focused economy and business community. The country is located strategically in Europe and is often known to be the gateway to Europe.

Historically, many multinational companies from all continents have used the Netherlands as their European business hub. Today, many small and large companies use The Netherlands as their business hub for its logistics and fiscal advantages. Cities such as Amsterdam, The Hague and Rotterdam host many foreign companies.

The Netherlands is the leading location for the EU market for the entry of goods and products. Its a global business hub.
Companies use the Netherlands for sales, distribution, logistics, holding company and financing activities.