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Brazil Expand was born from the passion of bringing Brazilian products of excellent quality to the European market. Our activities are based on strong corporate values such as respect for clients and all stakeholders, integrity, honesty and transparency. We are motivated by the success of our clients.

Our team is crazy about coffee, its history and the role this special product plays in the lives of everyone involved, from the supply chain to the customer. Our beans come straight from the heart of Brazil, the Cerrado Mineiro region, and are roasted in the Netherlands to become the specialty coffee with 84+ rating we offer.

Goola Açai produces high-quality açai products that are sold in Brazil and in international markets. Goola Açai has organic and kosher certifications confirming the superior quality of its products. Besides being good for the consumer, GOOLA is also good for those who plant, who harvest and for those who respect nature.

With an annual production of 255,000 liters per year, the distillery is always betting on excellence drinks to conquer the national and international markets. With 105 awards around the world, Weber is always looking for new blends and its production is strictly handcrafted. Known as still cachaça, they differ from industries by a number of factors, starting with 100% organic raw material, where sugarcane is grown without pesticide.