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Brazil Expand was born from the passion of bringing Brazilian products of excellent quality to the European market. Our activities are based on strong corporate values such as respect for clients and all stakeholders, integrity, honesty and transparency. We are motivated by the success of our clients.

Milhão Alimentos stands out for its advanced technology and know-how in processing corn, a cereal that has been part of human consumption for more than 7 thousand years! Milhão Alimentos’ products are proudly GMO-free!

Stevia Soul is a pioneer in the production and commercialization of a wide range of stevia products in Brazil and worldwide, through its own brand “Stevita” and through private labels.

Salton has been producing wines since 1910, being one of the oldest winemaking companies in Brazil. Their wines have received many international awards contributing to its international recognition. In particular, the company is a reference in the production of great sparking wines.

Goola Açai produces high-quality açai products that are sold in Brazil and in international markets. Goola Açai has organic and kosher certifications confirming the superior quality of its products. Besides being good for the consumer, GOOLA is also good for those who plant, who harvest and for those who respect nature.

Since 1982 Artesano produces furniture that its modern and practical for both home and office. Artesano has a strong commitment to sustainability, contributing to social well-being of individuals, the society and the environment.

Since 2003, Tora Brasil is a leading Brazilian company in the production and commercialization of FSC® certified solid wood furniture for the luxury market. Its furniture pieces are unique and reveal creative Brazilian designs.

Created in 1989 in Dois Irmãos, in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, Calçados Pegada (Pegada Shoes) was created with the aim of producing comfortable shoes, with excellent quality and modern design. Pegada models offer comfort and personality to consumers who enjoy walking with style and feeling good at the same time.